Coming Down to it

I’ve been working on a lot of holiday crafting the last couple of weeks. Well, I’ve been working on it all year, but the last couple of weeks especially. This has been interrupted by a wave of babies, though.


My twin nephews came about a month early, so I had to scramble to finish these guys. I’m pretty happy with the result, although the blue one is inexplicably bigger than the green one, even though I used the same exact materials for them and finished them within a week of each other. Eh.

Now my cousin is having a baby (their first), and I’m gonna make a sweater and a teeny tiny hat for her.


I’m kind of excited for the stripes on this one. I’ve never done a striped project that doesn’t use self-striping yarn. The hat is going to match the sweater.

I’ve also made a couple of quality-of-knitting-life upgrades recently. My sweetie bought me an Amish-style swift for my birthday (t-five days, btw), so I’ve wound a bunch of skeins that I had laying around. Then I bought myself a real needle case for my interchangeables and I finally picked up a set of the shorts, so I can finally get a 16″ circle with them.



But like I said, I’ve been working on Christmas stuff a lot. I’ll probably do a check-in post about a month out to take note of how much I have to do, but for now I’m just going to keep trucking away.


My current Christmas project is a pair of Mukluks, from Tin Can Knits, for my little sister. I’m using two strands of KP Brava worsted held double and I think they’re turning out great. I was kind of worried that the foot would be too big, but once I picked up the stitches and started the leg it fit just fine.

(I’m basing the size on my own foot. It’s very convenient to have the same size feet as my mom and both my sisters.)

I finished a surprising number of things recently, but I don’t want to clog you up with images. I’ll try to get better at blogging each project, and at the very lease I’ll hit them all with my end-of-the-year recap!


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2 Responses to Coming Down to it

  1. I absolutely love the colours on the socks. The pattern is great and they look like they’ll be so warm and cozy.

  2. JulieM says:

    Way to go! You’re well on your way to finishing by December 24!

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