Monthly Archives: April 2015

A Bit of a Departure From Tradition

Today I wanted to share a sneak peak at some sewing projects I’m starting soon! First up is a blanket I’m making for my little sister Ellie. I designed it myself, but I certainly didn’t come up with the idea … Continue reading

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So Much Yellow

I finished a Christmas knit! It’s a hat with big pseudo-cables for my big sister! It’s a little smaller than I’d like (I didn’t gauge swatch), but I think if I kill/block it it’ll be alright. Pattern: The Able Cable … Continue reading

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Buying Yaaaaaarn~

So today I accidentally spent $50 on yarn. Whoops! I guess, I spent about $35 on yarn and about $15 on needles and cables. Because seriously, I need more super long cables for my interchangeables, and these ones are green! … Continue reading

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Planning Ahead

So in the vein of Yarn Harlot, I have made a Christmas Spreadsheet. I used it last year, making it around August? It made Christmas go soooo much more smoothly and it was a good choice. I spent about an … Continue reading

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