Adventures in Hat

I’ve been working on a hat for the last week (and a half)! It’s mostly rib, the interesting bit doesn’t come in until the crown shaping. I am quite possibly the worst person on the planet at just sitting and knitting rib. To combat this, I decided to give a gradient pattern a try!


Which I actually think came out really well, despite the bad lighting in that picture.

So I get to about two inches past the point seen above when I realize . . . I’ve been doing the wrong rib pattern. For seven inches. I’ve been knitting k4 p1 k2 p2 k2 p1, when I’m supposed to have been knitting . . . k4 p1 k6 p1. Way easier. And of course, the k6’s go straight into the decrease pattern, which is the coolest part about this pattern.

So I ripped it.


I was careful to keep my stripes well labeled, so I could use the same yarn over again. It’s going better now:


Ugh. I think the worst part is that I have knit this pattern before. In this size, even. I knew this was coming! I just didn’t bother to read the pattern very closely at all!

At least I made myself some very ugly but very delicious peanut chicken for tonight’s dinner!


Hat pattern: Rib-A-Roni
Peanut Chicken recipe: Budget Byte’s Chicken in Peanut Sauce. (It’s my go-to, though I don’t have any Sriracha so I didn’t use that this time. Also I’m a baby so I don’t mind omitting it.) (Also her photos are prettier than mine and make it look much more appetizing.)

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Mass-WIP Update!

So it won’t be as comprehensive as the post I made earlier in the year. But I do really like keeping track of WIPs and watching progress happen. Also I am unusually proud of the photos I took today, so I really want to share them. I think my sister might have fussed with my camera settings? Either way, they look hella.

Winter Twilight Mitts

Winter Twilight Mitts

First up, the Winter Twilight Mitts. My sister requested these, uh, a long time ago. I started these in March . . . last year. I’m pretty pleased with them, but they’re honestly more fiddly than I would like. At least the yarn is variegated, which both makes them look way cooler and also makes them more fun to make. My project page is here.

Time Traveler Socks

Time Traveler Socks

Time Traveler Socks! I really like these. I love the stripes, I love the easy-but-not-monotonous rib pattern, and I love that they’re designed around my favorite sock yarn. They’ve been pushed aside for the time because I’m worried that I will screw up the heel (again). I’ve never gotten a toe-up sock to fit right. But these will be the ones, dangit. My project page is here.

Hedgehog Mitties

Hedgehog Mitties

These Hedgehog Mittens are a gift for my girlfriend for Christmas. They’re going to be fingerless, and also totally adorable. I was pretty excited to use three colors at once, but it turns out that this pattern is two-color colorwork (what’s the difference between stranded and fair isle? I have no idea.) with the third color duplicate stitched on at the end. I’ve done a fair bit of modification on these guys, both in terms of color and the chart itself, but I think they’ll come out fine. My pattern page is here.

Swedish Fish

Swedish Fish

These Swedish Fish mittens are another Christmas gift! They’re for one of my very best friends in the whole world, and it’s a bit of an in-joke based on one of her favorite candies and the time, at our Friday game night, she interrupted herself and broke character: “Captain, give me a direction to point this–FISH.” I was nervous about these, since her original plan was to leave in about three weeks for Israel for ten months. I don’t know a lot about Israel, to be honest, but I was nervous because 1 – I’ve put a lot of time into these! Shipping them overseas adds a lot of chance to getting them to her, and because 2 – Isn’t it . . . warm there? Possibly too warm to want to wear lovely woolen fingerless mittens? But either way, her plans changed and now she’s staying here is nice, cold Minnesota, where there will be ample opportunity to wear them. My project page, again, is here.

Fox in the Snow

Fox in the Snow

Last but not least, here are a Christmas gift for my other super-best-friend–the Fox in the Snow mittens. These ones actually will have three-color colorwork, and they will, hopefully, be super fabulous. I’m really excited about the three colors together:


They’re just so nice! Though the balls of KP’s Pallet are so nicely wound that I often think I’ll run out of yarn with them. I never have, though, and hopefully I can keep that going. My pattern page for the fox mittens is here.

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Been a While!


So in the last two months, a fair amount has happened. The biggest thing, I suppose, is that we moved! It’s now just me and my girlfriend together in our very own place. It is fantastic. We are both so happy with it.

But also, I finished a thing!

The backs

The backs

The fronts

The fronts

All done! I love these colors together!

All done! I love these colors together!

Detail photo of the TARDIS itself.

Detail photo of the TARDIS itself.

These TARDIS mittens are a Christmas gift for my little sister! I had originally hoped to have them done last year, but whoops. I ran out of time. So this year might be the motherload year for little Ellie.

Speaking of Christmas (I know, I know, I’m sorry), I’m probably gonna do a state-of-the-giftmas post in the next couple of days.

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Rainbows Forever!

So in March 2013 I learned to make a Granny Square. I decided then that I should really probably make a blanket out of one, since I could make it as big as I wanted! And that really, if I’m making a blanket, it should probably be rainbow.

This is about half a row from done!

image_medium2-1 image_medium2-2

These are draped over a fairly normal sized kitchen chair. There’s a Wii Balance Board on the floor next to it, if that helps your scaling at all.

But it’s done! It’s finally done! I used one skein of RHSS in Red, Pumpkin, Bright Yellow, Spring Green and Blue Suede for the red, orange, yellow, green and blue, but I had to crack into a second skein of Medium Purple at the very end.

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Another One Down!

I finished a Christmas gift for my sister the other day! They’re a cozy pair of boot cuffs. Hopefully she’ll get a lot of use out of them up on the North Shore.

IMG_9606 IMG_9610

And that’s my big sister all taken care of!

Pattern: Stockinette Cable Boot Cuffs

Project Page: Cabled Boot Cuffs
Knit in Knit Picks Brava Bulky, in the colorway Cobblestone Heather.

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My yarns have arrived! They took a bit of a field trip (proof reading the whole line, it’s important kids!) but now they are finally here! Knit Picks customer service was, as always, super helpful but hopefully I have actually learned my lesson this time and will no longer try to ship my yarn somewhere that doesn’t exist.

There’s a couple of Projects to Be in there, including a pair of mittens for my girlfriend, another pair each for my two best friends (though one will be fingerless. The mittens, not the friend), a wrap for my stepmom and a pair of boot cuffs for my sister. As you can see, I also picked up two pairs of needles (one US1’s and one US3’s) and three interchangeable cables, though only two are pictured. The third went into immediate use.

Hopefully I’ll be back in the next couple of days to share a project in progress or maybe even something complete?

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A Bit of a Departure From Tradition

Today I wanted to share a sneak peak at some sewing projects I’m starting soon!

Ellie's Tetris Blanket

Ellie’s Tetris Blanket

First up is a blanket I’m making for my little sister Ellie. I designed it myself, but I certainly didn’t come up with the idea first–it’s going to be a Tetris quilt!


Second, here we have another quilt. I’ve actually started cutting the pieces for this one, but I managed to fold it so you can’t tell. I’m super excited about this one, partly because I think it will look super cool with the pops of turquoise against mostly greyscale, and partly because it’s actually something for me!

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