Rainbows Forever!

So in March 2013 I learned to make a Granny Square. I decided then that I should really probably make a blanket out of one, since I could make it as big as I wanted! And that really, if I’m making a blanket, it should probably be rainbow.

This is about half a row from done!

image_medium2-1 image_medium2-2

These are draped over a fairly normal sized kitchen chair. There’s a Wii Balance Board on the floor next to it, if that helps your scaling at all.

But it’s done! It’s finally done! I used one skein of RHSS in Red, Pumpkin, Bright Yellow, Spring Green and Blue Suede for the red, orange, yellow, green and blue, but I had to crack into a second skein of Medium Purple at the very end.

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Another One Down!

I finished a Christmas gift for my sister the other day! They’re a cozy pair of boot cuffs. Hopefully she’ll get a lot of use out of them up on the North Shore.

IMG_9606 IMG_9610

And that’s my big sister all taken care of!

Pattern: Stockinette Cable Boot Cuffs

Project Page: Cabled Boot Cuffs
Knit in Knit Picks Brava Bulky, in the colorway Cobblestone Heather.

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My yarns have arrived! They took a bit of a field trip (proof reading the whole line, it’s important kids!) but now they are finally here! Knit Picks customer service was, as always, super helpful but hopefully I have actually learned my lesson this time and will no longer try to ship my yarn somewhere that doesn’t exist.

There’s a couple of Projects to Be in there, including a pair of mittens for my girlfriend, another pair each for my two best friends (though one will be fingerless. The mittens, not the friend), a wrap for my stepmom and a pair of boot cuffs for my sister. As you can see, I also picked up two pairs of needles (one US1’s and one US3’s) and three interchangeable cables, though only two are pictured. The third went into immediate use.

Hopefully I’ll be back in the next couple of days to share a project in progress or maybe even something complete?

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A Bit of a Departure From Tradition

Today I wanted to share a sneak peak at some sewing projects I’m starting soon!

Ellie's Tetris Blanket

Ellie’s Tetris Blanket

First up is a blanket I’m making for my little sister Ellie. I designed it myself, but I certainly didn’t come up with the idea first–it’s going to be a Tetris quilt!


Second, here we have another quilt. I’ve actually started cutting the pieces for this one, but I managed to fold it so you can’t tell. I’m super excited about this one, partly because I think it will look super cool with the pops of turquoise against mostly greyscale, and partly because it’s actually something for me!

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So Much Yellow


I finished a Christmas knit! It’s a hat with big pseudo-cables for my big sister!


It’s a little smaller than I’d like (I didn’t gauge swatch), but I think if I kill/block it it’ll be alright.

Pattern: The Able Cable Hat
Project Page: Hat for Hannah

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Buying Yaaaaaarn~

So today I accidentally spent $50 on yarn. Whoops!

I guess, I spent about $35 on yarn and about $15 on needles and cables. Because seriously, I need more super long cables for my interchangeables, and these ones are green!

But today I basically went through my queue and found several patterns I plan to make for Christmas gifts this year, and I was going to just add all the yarn I needed to my wishlist, but then I realized more than half of the yarn I needed was on sale. (Because apparently all of KP Palette is on sale right now.)

I’ll post pictures in like two weeks when I actually get the yarn, but I am just super excited!

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Planning Ahead

So in the vein of Yarn Harlot, I have made a Christmas Spreadsheet. I used it last year, making it around August? It made Christmas go soooo much more smoothly and it was a good choice.

I spent about an hour and a half today looking through my queue on Ravelry, looking at photos from last Christmas, and looking at my list of people to get things for and made my knit-list for this year! I’ve already got one gift mostly done, I just need to do some duplicate stitching on it. (And I’m actually super glad I procrastinated on this because the intended giftee changed her name as part of a religious conversion thing. Hooray procrastination!) But I’ve got a nice list, and everyone who I intend to knit for has a pattern picked out for them and an estimated time that the project will take to complete. Hopefully everything will go well and be done by December 20! That’s my goal.

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