Endless Sleeves

I’ve been working on my sweater this week, mostly. I really would like to get it done before it gets too warm up here (though, since it’s Minnesota, I have until at least May).


The first sleeve is done! I’m making the Flax sweater from Tin Can Knits. I think they might be my favorite designer at this point. It’s either them or SpillyJane, really.


I’ve got several days off coming up, so I’m hoping to finish up the other sleeve in the next week or so? We’ll see, I suppose. Then it’s just a lot (a lot) of mindless stockinette for the body and I’m done!

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Wrapped in Red

I’ve finished a couple of things already this year! I’m proud of myself so far, really.


The pattern is pretty new, I think, and not many people have made it yet: Rafter shawl. It’s got three texture panels (rib, seed stitch and garter stitch) and three stockinette panels. I made it in KP’s Wool of the Andes superwash which might be my new favorite worsted weight yarn. It’s cozy and cushy and, of course, superwash.


Modeled by Lily again. Selfies can only get you so far, see.

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Baby’s First Sweater

Well. Not really. But my first adult sized sweater, at least. I made a baby sweater and a couple of mini raglans, but this is the real deal!


I made a cropped cardigan for Lily, my girlfriend, from the Miette pattern. I really like it–it was clear and easy to follow.

It’s super warm, which is nice for her since she’s always cold. I’m pleased with it overall! I took me forever to finish, though. The knitting itself only took me about a month, but it took me a really long time to get buttons! It didn’t occur to me until about two weeks ago that I could get buttons online rather than making the trek all the way out to JoAnns (at least 45 minutes via bus, since I don’t drive). Success!

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Chocolate Socks

Ok, so they’re not literally chocolate socks. Because eew.


But I decided to throw together another pair of Rye socks for the sock-hop Nerd Wars is doing right now. I love seeing all the pictures of peoples socks! They’re so pretty~


Originally my plan was just to use up my last skein of Brava in Sienna (I bought an extra skein for a sweater that I didn’t end up needing), but I didn’t think I would have enough. So I did the cuff, heel and toe in this pink that I found in my scrap box! Turns out I had more than enough brown because I knit the leg shorter than the instructions called for. Well, at least they’re cute! They’re very cozy, too.

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Catching Up

Hello! How’s 2016 treating you so far? I’ve been getting a lot of social failure (planning things with people is hard when no one turns up . . . repeatedly), but a knitting success? I’ve finished two things already, though admittedly they were both already in progress.

I finally finished the Mittens with Pints on! The knitting finished quite a long time ago, actually, but since the person I was going to give them to was in the other end of some family drama, the mittens are now without a home. I’ve got a couple of ideas on who to give them to, but for now they are sitting on my bookshelf looking wonderful. I’m really proud of them.

I also finished a pair of socks!


They are slightly less yellow in person (and in the daylight), but I’m pleased with how they came out, too! They match stripe-for-stripe, and they seem to actually fit my feet! I have a hard time with toe-up socks because I always get the heel placed wrong.

I do, of course, have a number of things in progress. As always. Right now I have nine WIPs and one more thing that I am really excited to start. The things I’m working on most diligently right now are a shawl and a sweater:


I think I actually might be able to finish the shawl, the Rafter shawl, today. It’s pretty quick work, really.

The sweater is the Flax sweater from Tin Can Knit’s Simple Collection. I’ve made a lot of things from that collection already and I love all of them.

Soon, probably when I finish the Rafter shawl, I’m going to cast on another pair of socks for myself:


They will be bright and wonderful and I will love them forever.

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2016 Goals!

Happy (almost) New Year! About a year ago, I made a list of goals that I wanted to get done in 2015–let’s see how I did.

  • Finish all of my WIPs. Hmm yeah I didn’t do that. Seven of the things I had on the needles in January last year are . . . still on the needles. Plus five more things that were not. Hmm.
  • Do 3+ color colorwork. I did attempt this! I have a project in hibernation with three colors. Turns out it’s a bit beyond me right now, but I hope to finish them in 2016.
  • Knit myself a sweater. I didn’t do that, but I do have one in progress! And I did knit one for Lily that just needs buttons!
  • Sew myself a dress. This didn’t happen. :( I did buy a dress lesson on Craftsy that I would like to get done this spring, though.
  • Reduce my stashes. Yeah the opposite of that kind of happened. But I’m working on it! And there’s another knitter in my house now, so hopefully we’ll go through it faster.
  • Draw at least once a week. I don’t think I made that, but I am drawing more often.
  • Practice photography, look into a second lens. I think I can count this as complete! I worked on it a lot in 2015.
  • Finish my sewing WIPs. Again with the no. I made substantial progress on my Journey cosplay, but I didn’t get too far on my other ones.
  • Exercise. I did a bit. It’s definitely getting better, but not where I want it to be.
  • Eat better. In general, yes! Less fast food and more home meals in general. Gotta eat more veggies though.
  • Get a better job. Done and done! Got a much better job that is doing very well for us.
  • Look into adoption requirements. Again, done!
  • Start building good credit. Judging by the credit card offers that are constantly in my mailbox, I’d say this one is done as well.
  • Tidy the house and keep it tidy. This one still needs a lot of work, but it’s better than it was. Lily needs more prodding than I would like, but overall it’s improved.
  • Print and post photos around the apartment. Done! Got some good ones up, and hope to get even more soon.
  • Learn to make decent tea. I can make an ok chai now?
  • Beat a video game and do a dungeon in WoW. I did a couple of dungeons early in the year but it’s still mostly just anxiety inducing. I feel like we beat a video game, but I can’t remember which one?

So yes! Overall . . . could have been a better year. But now Lily and I have our own place and I have a job that I don’t hate outright, so things are much better at home.

So now come the 2016 goals!

  • Get down to three or less WIPs. This will be a lot of work, but I think I can do it. Maybe.
  • Wear a cosplay to CONvergence this year.
  • Sew a dress (yes, again).
  • Organize, document and purge all yarn and fiber stash.
  • Knit 2016XMas sweaters for me and Lily
  • Make my 2016 Christmas spreadsheet
  • Organize all my already printed photos into albums. Print some of the more recent ones I like and get albums going for them, too.
  • Bake something new every month
  • Grow an herb and keep it alive. Maybe look into a mug garden, because they’re so freaking cute?
  • Finish reading Name of the Wind.
  • Go through things and purge/label for the Woodbury garage sale season. (My friend lives out there and she has offered some room at her family’s garage sale.)
  • Get rid of the old printer. (Did I mention we got a printer for Christmas?! Thanks, dad!)
  • Get a credit card
  • Complete a couple of different savings goals, including getting a new computer by the end of the year and saving to go to our best friends wedding in October!

Also, on reddit, I talked to some of the people in the Cold Sheep thread and am gonna make an attempt. I went through the apartment and gathered all of the yarn and spinning fiber I had and took a photo…



Well then. Got my work cut out for me.

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2015 Roundup

2015 is nearly over! I just wanted to do a little recap post about all the lovely things I made this year!



A whopping one FO. But I finished it very quickly and I still love them!



I started making little Weasley sweaters for people



More things in March! A tiny and very bright sweater and a hooded scarf for my sister that is so stupidly warm I can’t believe it.



Mostly worked on Christmas knitting, but I finished a baby blanket for my friend Jezayah’s son, Jay’Trell, who was born April 10th. The hat was for my older sister, and today she posted a picture of herself out with her boyfriend, and she’s wearing the hat in it!



I finally finished my rainbow blanket, and I knocked out another Christmas gift!



Just the one thing. I was much more focused on packing for our move on July 1st than I was on knitting!



In July I was much more focused on unpacking!



More Christmas gifts! I feel like I knit nothing but Christmas gifts. That hat was a real pain in the butt; I knit for about six inches in the wrong rib pattern and then I had to rip it out and basically start over. These mittens haven’t gotten to Alona yet, since I haven’t freaking seen her! And I can’t post about them on Tumblr because she’s there!



September was mostly for playing, really.


Not a thing :(



I’m very fond of this picture. I had to make a last-minute change to my Christmas plan when three-color colorwork proved too difficult for me yet. I modified this pattern a bit to make it shorter and it’s still way big on my friend’s small head!



Mostly Christmas gifts of course, but one more thing for me; those yellow mitts. I’m so so so proud of the Polaris mittens for my Gramma. I’ll probably give them their own post soon because wow I’m proud of them.

But I didn’t finish everything I set out to in 2015! There are still . . . quite a few works in progress in my knitting box. And I’ve got several things I just can’t wait to start!


Two pairs of socks, two sweaters, two shawls, a pair of mitts and a blanket. So much to do!

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