Sometimes you just have to frog

So I’ve been working on this project for like three years, right? And it was beautiful. And at first I loved it.

But then time passed, and I learned more about yarn and how different yarn behaves and I slowly came to realize that I was knitting a big circular shawl out of cotton yarn. And that, while it was so soft and lovely, it was going to pill and it was going to sag.

So I put off working on it for a while. And then I tried to force myself to work on it. And it was so beautiful.


But I knew that I would be unhappy with it and I would resent it when it pulled and sagged and I would never wear it.

So I frogged it.


And I don’t regret it.

I will make this pattern some day. It’s beautiful and it’s fun and oh my gosh it’s a freaking star chart. But I’ll make it in a different yarn. And I will be happy with it then.

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Three In A Week

So after a month of slugging through knitting that I was feeling kind of “meh” about, I’ve finished three things this week! After the hat and mitten set (which I think went over well?) I decided to get it together and knock something else out, since I really do like getting to set projects to compete on my Rav page. 

The closest thing to done was a wee baby sweater, so I went for that. It only needed half of the final sleeve, after all. 

And it’s done! I got thlove idea to start making baby things now, since my friends are starting to get married and will probably start on the baby train soon. So basically, there’s not a baby that will match this sweater yet. So for now it will go and hang out in th “future gifts” box. 

Now it’s on to the next. I did realize though that the next project I add on Ravelry will be my 200th project, so I’ll have to figure out something good to do for that. 

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Shades of Blue

So for Christmas this past year, I knit my mom a sweet hat. It had gradient stripes going between two shades of blue (her favorite color), and she loved it. Friends of hers have posted photos to facebook in which she is wearing the hat, which is basically the best thing.

So she was wearing this hat around town in late January, when the receptionist at her dentist’s office declared that she loved the hat and that she needed one. So my mom told her that she knows the person who made it, and she could see if the maker would be willing to make one. And the receptionist says, “With . . . with matching mittens?!”



So that’s how I got commissioned to make a matching set of gradient striped hat and mittens. (To my mom’s credit, she checked with me before telling the receptionist that I would do it.) I really enjoyed making them! I think they came out super great and I’m proud of them!

The yarn is KP’s Brava worsted in Celestial (the dark blue) and Cornflower.

(How cute is my mom? The cutest.)

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Mobile Blogging?!

So my girlfriend and I got new phones a couple of weeks ago because hers crapped out on her. She insists that she just got a dud phone, since we got them at the same time and mine still worked great. But in reality, she drops her phone at least twice a week and often much more. She’s just hard on her stuff.


When we got these fancy new phones I allowed The Guy to upsell an iPad to me and I love it. It’s so shiny and nice and I can put all my comic book PDFs on it. But it finally occurred to me that I can probably blog from it! And even better, there’s a WordPress app! So I’m playing with that now. I mostly wanted to mention this to explain away any super weird typos in this or in future posts. Because autocorrect. 

Today I took a look at my WIPs. I have a deadline on one of them–a pair of gradient mittens I’m making for one of my moms clients–but otherwise I just kind of wanted to see where I was at. I still theoretically have that “three or fewer” goal, but I just keep casting on more things. Whoops. This is where I’m at right now:

(Ok so that might be a huge photo. Sorry in advance?)

I kind of like seeing them all laid out like that. It justifies my panic. 

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Sweaters Galore

I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but for some reason I’ve been loving knitting sweaters recently.

…Well, mostly loving.

I am not loving miles and miles of stockinette. Right now I’m working on two sweaters and I’m on the body of both of them. And while they are very different size, they feel the same.


I’m working on this teeny sweater, mostly just to get rid of some stash yarn. I actually really adore this yarn and colorway, but I’m not sure how I feel about the pooling. It’s kind of making weird spiral stripes? I dunno, I’m sure it’ll look great once it’s done.

I’m also still working on my Ravenclaw sweater, of course:


I’m actually a little further along than this, but this is my most recent photo. It looks pretty much the same; you can use your imagination. The second sleeve is finished now, and I’m on to the body.

I thinkĀ  the problem is that even though the baby sweater is so tiny, it’s being done in fingering weight yarn. And the Ravenclaw one is being done in worsted weight. So like I said, they feel very similar in size. Hmm. Maybe I can form a New Knitter’s Theory of Relativity?

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Endless Sleeves

I’ve been working on my sweater this week, mostly. I really would like to get it done before it gets too warm up here (though, since it’s Minnesota, I have until at least May).


The first sleeve is done! I’m making the Flax sweater from Tin Can Knits. I think they might be my favorite designer at this point. It’s either them or SpillyJane, really.


I’ve got several days off coming up, so I’m hoping to finish up the other sleeve in the next week or so? We’ll see, I suppose. Then it’s just a lot (a lot) of mindless stockinette for the body and I’m done!

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Wrapped in Red

I’ve finished a couple of things already this year! I’m proud of myself so far, really.


The pattern is pretty new, I think, and not many people have made it yet: Rafter shawl. It’s got three texture panels (rib, seed stitch and garter stitch) and three stockinette panels. I made it in KP’s Wool of the Andes superwash which might be my new favorite worsted weight yarn. It’s cozy and cushy and, of course, superwash.


Modeled by Lily again. Selfies can only get you so far, see.

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