A Little Something New

So, I may have reinvested in a new hobby.

I may have gone down a click-spiral on reddit and ended up on the cross-stitching subreddit. I then may have looked at several pattern websites (including Etsy) and I may have proceeded on down to the craft store and spent some money.


In the last week, I have been working on these three projects. To be fair, the Winnie the Pooh one is a kit I bought years ago. I don’t know exactly when, but I know that I had it when I was living at my mom’s house because I was concerned about the needle popping through the plastic bag during my first ever move. (Spoiler: it didn’t.) I moved out of my mom’s house . . . five years ago, now? I’d guess I’ve had it closer to seven years, because I think this is the kit I bought when Amanda and Virginia taught me how to put on makeup and then took me to the cross-stitch store in ‘Tonka. Like you do. The fabric is dirty and wrinkled and some of the early stitches are really uneven and kind of sad looking.


But, in general, I’m happy with it. No idea what I’ll do with it once it’s done. Maybe I’ll save it until one of my friends (or me, I guess) have a kid and it’s a normal nursery-type gift.

My first ever completed project, though, is this wee little Nightmare Before Christmas picture of Jack and Sally.


This is my first attempt at backstitching, and I think I did a pretty good job!


I’m also working on one that we’ll put up in our house in a couple of months:


(Woah that’s a little out of focus. You get the idea.)

It’s gonna be one of them “subversive cross stitch” projects and I am so excited for it you guys.

I decided to finish up a couple of smaller projects before moving on to anything major . . . and I do have some major project plans. You’ll just have to wait and see!

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A Box Full of Christmas

About a week ago, someone on the internet (I think it was an LSG thread) pointed out that it’s six months until Christmas. According to my phone app, it’s 152 days until December 25. Which means it’s about 145 days until I want to be all done with my Christmas knitting.

So I placed an order on Knit Picks to get a bunch of yarn for Christmas socks for everyone. I’ve not got yarn for everyone but my brothers. One of them most likely won’t get any socks, since he’s kind of a butt and won’t appreciate them. The other will probably get a pair? I’ll figure it out later.


I’ve got something for Lily…


…something for my parents…


…and something for my little sister!

I’ve had the yarn for my mom and my older sister for quite a while. So I just need something for my stepdad and my stepbrother and I’m all set on family gifts.

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Clever names are hard 

That is a hard part about blogging; thinking up good titles.


I’ve gotten a couple of things done! A Christmas gift and an old WIP.

I started this Bigger on the Inside shawl to wear to CONvergence . . . 2014. But hey, now it’s done and I can wear it next week at CON! I did a different edging than the pattern calls for. I am not about that much ribbing, really. I love that little bit of lace!

And earlier in the month, I finished some arm warmers for my little sister for Christmas!

Modeled by my sweetie again, of course.

I really really like how these came out. I’ve had the pattern in my queue for a really really long time and it feels good to get them done, but also they were a super quick, super cute and super satisfying pattern to make.

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Goings on

So yeah it’s been like two months. My bad. 

But there’s been a bit going on in the world of knitting. I finished a hat!

I’m pretty pleased with it, but I wish the yarn had more stitch definition. 

I also (finally) finished the hedgehog mittens for Lily!

I’m really glad to finally have these done off my to-do list, even though I finished them just in time for summer. Meh. 

I counted and I only have ten repeats left for the edging on my Bigger on the Inside shawl! My plan is to have it all done by CONvergence, which starts on the 30th this month. 

And finally, the other day my friend gave me a call and said that a friend of her moms was closing down a yarn shop she had been running and was therefore selling tons of yarn for 60% off! Most of it was of th scratchy wool variety that seems to appeal to a lot of “traditional” knitters, but not really to me. But! I got some lovely cherry tree hill and some other stuff that I’m going to make Christmas gifts out of. 

I was actually really excited to find the CCH. When I first started knitting and would shop at Borealis before it was closed down, I wanted that beautiful sock yarn soooooo bad. But as a 19 year old college student without a job, it was out of range for me. But now I have it! And I’m gonna make myself some freaking sweet socks out of it. 
Side note, but when Lily was helping me wind that yarn into cakes, she decided that she’s going to buy me a swift when she gets her next paycheck. Which Is pretty awesome.🙂

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Sometimes you just have to frog

So I’ve been working on this project for like three years, right? And it was beautiful. And at first I loved it.

But then time passed, and I learned more about yarn and how different yarn behaves and I slowly came to realize that I was knitting a big circular shawl out of cotton yarn. And that, while it was so soft and lovely, it was going to pill and it was going to sag.

So I put off working on it for a while. And then I tried to force myself to work on it. And it was so beautiful.


But I knew that I would be unhappy with it and I would resent it when it pulled and sagged and I would never wear it.

So I frogged it.


And I don’t regret it.

I will make this pattern some day. It’s beautiful and it’s fun and oh my gosh it’s a freaking star chart. But I’ll make it in a different yarn. And I will be happy with it then.

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Three In A Week

So after a month of slugging through knitting that I was feeling kind of “meh” about, I’ve finished three things this week! After the hat and mitten set (which I think went over well?) I decided to get it together and knock something else out, since I really do like getting to set projects to compete on my Rav page. 

The closest thing to done was a wee baby sweater, so I went for that. It only needed half of the final sleeve, after all. 

And it’s done! I got thlove idea to start making baby things now, since my friends are starting to get married and will probably start on the baby train soon. So basically, there’s not a baby that will match this sweater yet. So for now it will go and hang out in th “future gifts” box. 

Now it’s on to the next. I did realize though that the next project I add on Ravelry will be my 200th project, so I’ll have to figure out something good to do for that. 

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Shades of Blue

So for Christmas this past year, I knit my mom a sweet hat. It had gradient stripes going between two shades of blue (her favorite color), and she loved it. Friends of hers have posted photos to facebook in which she is wearing the hat, which is basically the best thing.

So she was wearing this hat around town in late January, when the receptionist at her dentist’s office declared that she loved the hat and that she needed one. So my mom told her that she knows the person who made it, and she could see if the maker would be willing to make one. And the receptionist says, “With . . . with matching mittens?!”



So that’s how I got commissioned to make a matching set of gradient striped hat and mittens. (To my mom’s credit, she checked with me before telling the receptionist that I would do it.) I really enjoyed making them! I think they came out super great and I’m proud of them!

The yarn is KP’s Brava worsted in Celestial (the dark blue) and Cornflower.

(How cute is my mom? The cutest.)

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