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Trucking Along

The problem with January is that I want to start All the Things. I also want to clean All the Things and watch All the Things and read All the Things and . . . You get it. So far … Continue reading

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Christmas Crunch

Here it is, the Christmas Crunch. There are 17.5 days until Christmas, according to the countdown app on my phone. And while I am, overall, in fairly good shape, I’ve got a number of things to do still. (Sorry for … Continue reading

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One Down, Thirteen to Go!

I finished my Barley hat! (Modeled here by my lovely girlfriend.) This pattern is so, so easy. And it’s super well explained and all around really good. I’m really not sure how I feel about the pooling on this hat. … Continue reading

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Adventures in Hat

I’ve been working on a hat for the last week (and a half)! It’s mostly rib, the interesting bit doesn’t come in until the crown shaping. I am quite possibly the worst person on the planet at just sitting and … Continue reading

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