My absurd goals for the year

So I’ve got a couple of normal/reasonable goals and some goals that are, well, fairly absurd.

As for my reasonable goals:

  • Work through my whole current queue (see below for list)
  • End the year with a smaller yardage than I started with
  • Finish at least one thing every month
  • Knit or destash my stash down to less than 100 enteries
  • Become a better crocheter–learn to read the stitches and maybe even learn the front of the fabric from the back??

For the record, my current queue is 18 items long. Everything in my queue is paired with a yarn I already have in my stash. My current queue contains the following:

  • Quick Ombre Hat in Brava Canary and Black (I actually intend to make at least three of these but the queue can only carry a pattern once at a given time)
  • Basic Cuff-Up Mittens in WoTA Columbine
  • Black River Blanket Shawl in WoTA Garnet Heather and Flagstone Heather
  • Solace in Nooch Midtown This Isn’t Us
  • Yip Yip Alien in Brava Celestial
  • Luma Plushie in Comfy Worsted Creme Brulee
  • Celestarium in Stroll Tonal Inverness
  • Honey Comb Cowl in Brava Bulky Cobblestone Heather
  • Afterthought Everything Socks in Loops & Threads Balloons
  • Safire in Brava Wine
  • Stashbuster Granny Stripe Afghan in Brava Dove Heather, Red, Asphalt Heather, Marina and White
  • Pikachu Amigurumi in Mighty Stitch Chocolate and Canary
  • Vaporeon Amigurumi in Mighty Stitch Sky and Celestial
  • Jolteon Amigurumi in Mighty Stitch Canary
  • Flareon Amigurumi in Mighty Stitch
  • Eevee Amigurumi in Mighty Stitch Chocolate
  • Black Rib in Stroll Hand-Painted Sunset
  • A Nice Ribbed Sock in Opal Hundertwassers Die Vier Einsamkeiten

Finally, as for my fairly absurd goals, take a look:

  • Finish a pair of socks every month
  • Finish a hat every two weeks
  • Finish a sweater for me and a sweater for Lily

So yeah. I’ll try to do my traditional stash update photo on the 31st again, since I think I have that day off? See you then.


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A 26-year-old lady trying to figure out how to be an adult.
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