Christmas Countdown Part 2

Hello again!

It is now a whopping 15 days until Christmas, and I have my weekly update for you.


It’s looking . . . a little better?

I finished three things this week! I finished the little sweater that was in the top left, for my nephew (it’s been replaced by my vest for my niece in the above picture), the mittens for my friend Megan and the chemo hat for my Gramma.


I’m pretty pleased with how the hat came out! The pattern was super easy and I think I’ll do it again some time. The pattern is called “Sweet Baby Angle” on Ravelry.

So I’ve got a couple of things done and two new things started, but I’ve still got quite a bit left to do. To review, I’ve still got:

  1. Flax sweater for me
  2. Milo vest for my niece
  3. Fingerless mitts for Ellie (the red ones)
  4. Fingerless mitts for Anna
  5. Sockhead (probably for me?)
  6. Twins hat for Cody
  7. Packers hat for Linnea
  8. Hulk hat for Ike
  9. Hufflepuff hat maybe for Ace but probably for backup
  10. Fingerless mitts for mom
  11. Fingerless mitts for Dave
  12. Fingerless mitts for Jon

So there are, you know, a couple of things left. If I can find time (lol) I would really like to also knit a hat for my friend Blake? I’m also planning on cross stitching a little red balloon for Alex with the words “You’ll float too” because we’re creepy like that.


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