Christmas Countdown Part 1

So since we last spoke, I have finished 26 things. Heck. I’ll post about some of those in the next few days (maybe. If I have time), but that’s not why I’m here right now.

Did you know, it’s only 19 days until Christmas?

Did you know that I have a ton of things to do still?

(Yes, you probably knew that.)


These are all of my yarns currently assigned to a (hopeful) Christmas gift. I thought I was doing so well, too.

In this pile of things are: A nephew sweater, a niece vest, a me-sweater, fingerless mittens for all three of my bridesmaids, one of whom is one of my sisters, fingerles mittens for my mom, my stepdad, and my sisters boyfriend, a chemo hat for my grandma, a Sockhead hat, and four “Quick Ombre Hat” combinations–MN Twins colors, Packers colors, Incredible Hulk colors and Hufflepuff colors.

Fortunately, not all of these need to be done by Christmas. The Hufflepuff hat is a backup gift, in case the one we ordered is late, and the Sockhead will honestly probably stay with me since I love it so much.

This is not, as an aside, all of my WIP’s. I’ve got a couple that weren’t related to Christmas so I didn’t include them on the table, like this year’s CON socks. Which have made it past the heel but not much further.

Anyway, I’ll be taking a new picture on Saturday to see how I’ve done throughout the week. (This photo is from Saturday I just didn’t post it until today because I’ve been knitting.) See you then!


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A 26-year-old lady trying to figure out how to be an adult.
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1 Response to Christmas Countdown Part 1

  1. Eeeekk. Good luck! That looks an awful lot but a good excuse to get out of doing ANYTHING ELSE until Christmas haha

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