Back on the Grid

Hello! How have the last, er, two months been?

I’ve finished some things! I’ve been trying to stash down a whole bunch and I actually still haven’t bought any yarn! The last time I got any yarn was Christmas from my cousin (she got me some Noro! It’s so nice!), while the last time I bought yarn was in late November.

So far this year, I’ve finished six things, once of which I already talked about. Since then . . .

I knit a pussyhat for Lily’s boss


I finished these mittens for Nick


I (finally) finished the Malt blanket


I finished a pair of cute green socks

And I test knit these fingerless mitts!


I’ve also got some stuff in progress, though not nearly as much as I used to have.

Lily’s sweater is almost almost done:


I started my very own Garter Squish:


And I’ve (barely) started the yoke on my red sweater:




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