Trucking Along

The problem with January is that I want to start All the Things. I also want to clean All the Things and watch All the Things and read All the Things and . . .

You get it.

So far I’ve limited myself to starting two things. One of them is a pair of mittens for a coworker. I told him I’d make these for him for Christmas . . . 2015. Whoops. But still, they’re in progress now and he’s so excited.


The first mitt is almost done. I have two rows for the thumb, and then I’m going to use that yellow to duplicate stitch a thing into the back of the hand for him. It’s the Volcom thing, but I don’t know anything about Volcom.

The other thing I’m working on was theoretically part of a KAL during October/November/December, but then when they released all of the patterns at once, it didn’t feel very KAL-ey, so I kind of ended up not doing it. But I had already ordered the yarn and I did like the patterns.


It’s got cables all the way up, which is a fun way to practice the cabling sans-needle I learned earlier this month.

I’ve also started looking at patterns for wedding shawls. My current thought/hope is to make one for me and one for Lily, and then shawlettes for our bridesmaids. So far we’ve got two committed bridesmaids–my sister and my best friend–and two more we’d like to ask. Well, one bridesmaid we’d like to ask and one bridesman we’d like to ask. He’s Lily’s best friend and one of my favorite people, really. I’ve just got to figure out what to knit him!


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