The Stashening

This time last year I did a general stash update. I took out all of the boxes containing yarn and took a photo of them:


And I was kind of surprised by how much I had!

Over the last year, I’ve actually gotten rid of a lot of yarn. According to my Ravelry stats, I’ve knit 7700 yards this year, though it’s a little skewed because of how I track–it also includes ones that I started before 2016. But it’s close enough since I track that way consistently. I also got rid of a lot of yarn, mostly by donating to goodwill but also my friend took some.

Anyway, here’s my picture for this year, that I took earlier today:


It’s looking better! I also reorganized everything (after I took this picture, actually) and am pretty pleased with where I’m at. According to my spreadsheets and stuff, I’m down about ten miles(!) of yarn through various means from where I was last year.

Though, full disclosure, I’ve also accumulated this other stash:


Which isn’t too much, but still. I also wound all of my floss!


(I know it doesn’t look like it, but those extra unwound flosses are duplicates so I skipped them on purpose.)

I’ve joined a Cold Sheep group on Rav, just to try it out, really. There’s a neat little point-tracking system that I think I’ll have a lot of fun with. You gain/lose points based on how much yarn goes into or comes out of your stash! It’ll be fun. Hopefully.


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