(17 days)

I’ve been trucking along. And while I’ve finished one project and started another, I’ve also run into a problem and had to modify plans a bit.

Here’s my current status:


That’s two sweaters, a baby blanket, three pairs of socks, a hat and a cowl. Again, the baby blanket isn’t for a particular baby, so while I would like to finish it before the end of the year, it’s not a priority before Christmas.

I had to remove the Rye socks for my dad from my to-do list. I realized that the cast-on is much too tight for him, and I don’t have the time or the willpower to start over at this point. I’ll probably make him a pair of fingerless mitts? Maybe Maize again. I’m kind of bummed about it because matching socks for my dad and stepmom would be so dang cute. I’m probably going to finish the socks in January because they do fit Lily’s legs because she’s about 90 lbs. (That’s not true.)

I also removed the socks for my older sister from the list. I kind of figured I wouldn’t have time to make complicated cabled socks for her before Christmas and I want to avoid handig out IOUs. So instead I’m making her a chunky cowl!


I’m actually kind of enjoying doing the seed stitch pattern. Changing how I knit has made rib and seed stitch much less awful overall. I still don’t love doing rib, but it’s so much faster now.

Even though I don’t have the buttons attached still, I took some photos of the sweater for my cousin’s baby:

And I also started the hat, but only just:


Finally, I finished the Mukluk slipper socks for my little sister!

I will hopefully get some better photos on Friday when I can make my friend wear them rather than trying to photograph my own feet.

So it’s coming down to the wire. I am working pretty hard and I think I’ll get most of it done?


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