A WIP-date

Alright, guys, I took inventory today. I took out all of my WIPs (well, actually, I realized I forgot one as I was uploading my photos) and all of the projects I intend to finish by the end of the year and put them on the table.

They almost didn’t fit.


That’s 14 projects; seven of them are Christmas gifts, six of them are currently on the needles, and seven of them still need to be started.

As a reminder, Christmas is now 38 days away.

I’m going to introduce all of these lovely not-quite-FO’s to you…


1 – My Harvest sweater. I have dreams of wearing this to Christmas this year, but we’ll see.

2 – Lily’s Harvest sweater. I’m working on the body and don’t have that long to go on it, it’s just that I actually have to do it.

3 – A pair of thick cabled socks for my mommy for Christmas.

4 – The Malt blanket from The Simple Collection. I don’t have a baby in mind to match this blanket at this point, so it’s kind of a low priority. But I really want to bang it out because holy crap I can’t believe how many people I know got married or engaged this year.

5 – A lonely skein of bulky weight yarn to make a hat for my niece. Her birthday is coming up, and I already made her a pair of tiny fingerless mittens. Red is her favorite color.



6 – A pair of cozy cables socks for my big sister.

7 – More socks, for Lily this time.

8 – Socks yet again, for my dad. They’ll match the pair I made for my stepmom.

9 – A cabled hat; part of the Craftsy winter KAL. I haven’t been able to find any of the patterns on Ravelry though, which is a bit frustrating.

10 – Colorwork fingerless mitts, also part of the Craftsy KAL.

11 – Winter Twilight Mitts for my little sister. I’ve been working on these for . . . a long time. I would love to get them to her this year at Christmas.

12 – A pair of Mukluks slipper-socks for that same sister.

13 – A teeny tiny sweater for my cousin’s (soon-to-be) teeny tiny daughter. It will have a matching hat before it goes off to see them.

14 – My pink lemonade socks. I adore these; I adore how they’re knitting up, and how the colors look, and the pattern, but when it comes down to it, they’re not a Christmas gift and they’re not a quick knit (for me).

That seems doable, right?



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