Stitchin’ up a Storm

I’ve been trucking through cross stitches recently.


It’s kind of calming for the most part. And it’s nice to focus on something so small.


Part of the problem I’m having is that I keep starting projects. It’s still such a new hobby that everything is so exciting.


But that’s not to say I haven’t finished anything! I did finally finish that Winnie the Pooh project! I also found the earliest photo I have of it in progress, which is dated some time in 2010. I also finished this piece:


I’ve still got to wash, block, and frame it, but I’m really pleased with it. We’re going to put it in a frame and put it up with our Christmas decorations. Our plan is to put up our tree and decorate on November 14, the day after my birthday. Well, that’s my plan at least. Lily is kind of going along with it as the path of least resistance I think.

I also had a lot of fun organizing all of my floss the other day.


I’ve actually got a lot more than that, but I keep the floss in my WIP bags until I’m done with it. Maybe that’s not the best way to do it, but I like not having to go into the boxes each time I need a new color.


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A 26-year-old lady trying to figure out how to be an adult.
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1 Response to Stitchin’ up a Storm

  1. JulieM says:

    Happy birthday. Love the x-stitch chickadee!

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