Goings on

So yeah it’s been like two months. My bad. 

But there’s been a bit going on in the world of knitting. I finished a hat!

I’m pretty pleased with it, but I wish the yarn had more stitch definition. 

I also (finally) finished the hedgehog mittens for Lily!

I’m really glad to finally have these done off my to-do list, even though I finished them just in time for summer. Meh. 

I counted and I only have ten repeats left for the edging on my Bigger on the Inside shawl! My plan is to have it all done by CONvergence, which starts on the 30th this month. 

And finally, the other day my friend gave me a call and said that a friend of her moms was closing down a yarn shop she had been running and was therefore selling tons of yarn for 60% off! Most of it was of th scratchy wool variety that seems to appeal to a lot of “traditional” knitters, but not really to me. But! I got some lovely cherry tree hill and some other stuff that I’m going to make Christmas gifts out of. 

I was actually really excited to find the CCH. When I first started knitting and would shop at Borealis before it was closed down, I wanted that beautiful sock yarn soooooo bad. But as a 19 year old college student without a job, it was out of range for me. But now I have it! And I’m gonna make myself some freaking sweet socks out of it. 
Side note, but when Lily was helping me wind that yarn into cakes, she decided that she’s going to buy me a swift when she gets her next paycheck. Which Is pretty awesome. 🙂


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