Shades of Blue

So for Christmas this past year, I knit my mom a sweet hat. It had gradient stripes going between two shades of blue (her favorite color), and she loved it. Friends of hers have posted photos to facebook in which she is wearing the hat, which is basically the best thing.

So she was wearing this hat around town in late January, when the receptionist at her dentist’s office declared that she loved the hat and that she needed one. So my mom told her that she knows the person who made it, and she could see if the maker would be willing to make one. And the receptionist says, “With . . . with matching mittens?!”



So that’s how I got commissioned to make a matching set of gradient striped hat and mittens. (To my mom’s credit, she checked with me before telling the receptionist that I would do it.) I really enjoyed making them! I think they came out super great and I’m proud of them!

The yarn is KP’s Brava worsted in Celestial (the dark blue) and Cornflower.

(How cute is my mom? The cutest.)


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