Sweaters Galore

I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but for some reason I’ve been loving knitting sweaters recently.

…Well, mostly loving.

I am not loving miles and miles of stockinette. Right now I’m working on two sweaters and I’m on the body of both of them. And while they are very different size, they feel the same.


I’m working on this teeny sweater, mostly just to get rid of some stash yarn. I actually really adore this yarn and colorway, but I’m not sure how I feel about the pooling. It’s kind of making weird spiral stripes? I dunno, I’m sure it’ll look great once it’s done.

I’m also still working on my Ravenclaw sweater, of course:


I’m actually a little further along than this, but this is my most recent photo. It looks pretty much the same; you can use your imagination. The second sleeve is finished now, and I’m on to the body.

I think  the problem is that even though the baby sweater is so tiny, it’s being done in fingering weight yarn. And the Ravenclaw one is being done in worsted weight. So like I said, they feel very similar in size. Hmm. Maybe I can form a New Knitter’s Theory of Relativity?


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