2016 Goals!

Happy (almost) New Year! About a year ago, I made a list of goals that I wanted to get done in 2015–let’s see how I did.

  • Finish all of my WIPs. Hmm yeah I didn’t do that. Seven of the things I had on the needles in January last year are . . . still on the needles. Plus five more things that were not. Hmm.
  • Do 3+ color colorwork. I did attempt this! I have a project in hibernation with three colors. Turns out it’s a bit beyond me right now, but I hope to finish them in 2016.
  • Knit myself a sweater. I didn’t do that, but I do have one in progress! And I did knit one for Lily that just needs buttons!
  • Sew myself a dress. This didn’t happen. 😦 I did buy a dress lesson on Craftsy that I would like to get done this spring, though.
  • Reduce my stashes. Yeah the opposite of that kind of happened. But I’m working on it! And there’s another knitter in my house now, so hopefully we’ll go through it faster.
  • Draw at least once a week. I don’t think I made that, but I am drawing more often.
  • Practice photography, look into a second lens. I think I can count this as complete! I worked on it a lot in 2015.
  • Finish my sewing WIPs. Again with the no. I made substantial progress on my Journey cosplay, but I didn’t get too far on my other ones.
  • Exercise. I did a bit. It’s definitely getting better, but not where I want it to be.
  • Eat better. In general, yes! Less fast food and more home meals in general. Gotta eat more veggies though.
  • Get a better job. Done and done! Got a much better job that is doing very well for us.
  • Look into adoption requirements. Again, done!
  • Start building good credit. Judging by the credit card offers that are constantly in my mailbox, I’d say this one is done as well.
  • Tidy the house and keep it tidy. This one still needs a lot of work, but it’s better than it was. Lily needs more prodding than I would like, but overall it’s improved.
  • Print and post photos around the apartment. Done! Got some good ones up, and hope to get even more soon.
  • Learn to make decent tea. I can make an ok chai now?
  • Beat a video game and do a dungeon in WoW. I did a couple of dungeons early in the year but it’s still mostly just anxiety inducing. I feel like we beat a video game, but I can’t remember which one?

So yes! Overall . . . could have been a better year. But now Lily and I have our own place and I have a job that I don’t hate outright, so things are much better at home.

So now come the 2016 goals!

  • Get down to three or less WIPs. This will be a lot of work, but I think I can do it. Maybe.
  • Wear a cosplay to CONvergence this year.
  • Sew a dress (yes, again).
  • Organize, document and purge all yarn and fiber stash.
  • Knit 2016XMas sweaters for me and Lily
  • Make my 2016 Christmas spreadsheet
  • Organize all my already printed photos into albums. Print some of the more recent ones I like and get albums going for them, too.
  • Bake something new every month
  • Grow an herb and keep it alive. Maybe look into a mug garden, because they’re so freaking cute?
  • Finish reading Name of the Wind.
  • Go through things and purge/label for the Woodbury garage sale season. (My friend lives out there and she has offered some room at her family’s garage sale.)
  • Get rid of the old printer. (Did I mention we got a printer for Christmas?! Thanks, dad!)
  • Get a credit card
  • Complete a couple of different savings goals, including getting a new computer by the end of the year and saving to go to our best friends wedding in October!

Also, on reddit, I talked to some of the people in the Cold Sheep thread and am gonna make an attempt. I went through the apartment and gathered all of the yarn and spinning fiber I had and took a photo…



Well then. Got my work cut out for me.


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A 26-year-old lady trying to figure out how to be an adult.
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