2015 Roundup

2015 is nearly over! I just wanted to do a little recap post about all the lovely things I made this year!



A whopping one FO. But I finished it very quickly and I still love them!



I started making little Weasley sweaters for people



More things in March! A tiny and very bright sweater and a hooded scarf for my sister that is so stupidly warm I can’t believe it.



Mostly worked on Christmas knitting, but I finished a baby blanket for my friend Jezayah’s son, Jay’Trell, who was born April 10th. The hat was for my older sister, and today she posted a picture of herself out with her boyfriend, and she’s wearing the hat in it!



I finally finished my rainbow blanket, and I knocked out another Christmas gift!



Just the one thing. I was much more focused on packing for our move on July 1st than I was on knitting!



In July I was much more focused on unpacking!



More Christmas gifts! I feel like I knit nothing but Christmas gifts. That hat was a real pain in the butt; I knit for about six inches in the wrong rib pattern and then I had to rip it out and basically start over. These mittens haven’t gotten to Alona yet, since I haven’t freaking seen her! And I can’t post about them on Tumblr because she’s there!



September was mostly for playing, really.


Not a thing 😦



I’m very fond of this picture. I had to make a last-minute change to my Christmas plan when three-color colorwork proved too difficult for me yet. I modified this pattern a bit to make it shorter and it’s still way big on my friend’s small head!



Mostly Christmas gifts of course, but one more thing for me; those yellow mitts. I’m so so so proud of the Polaris mittens for my Gramma. I’ll probably give them their own post soon because wow I’m proud of them.

But I didn’t finish everything I set out to in 2015! There are still . . . quite a few works in progress in my knitting box. And I’ve got several things I just can’t wait to start!


Two pairs of socks, two sweaters, two shawls, a pair of mitts and a blanket. So much to do!

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