Quilt Time

Yesterday me, my friend and my girlfriend went to JoAnn Fabrics because my friend wanted to get some stuff for Christmas gifts. Well, when we got there, it turned out there was a crazy sale going on, so I decided to get my Christmas on as well.


Not that I needed much convincing.

What you see there are three quilts and then some extra fabric for myself.

One for my stepmom,


one for my mom and stepdad,


and one for my girlfriend.


I also grabbed some sweet egg flannel for myself because oh my gosh loot at it.


All of the quilts are gonna be following this pattern/tutorial thing I found on Pinterest and have been meaning to try. While we were shopping, my girlfriend went over to Best Buy (which is a couple of doors down at this mall). When she came back I had already put the bolts of the hedgehog fabric in my cart and so I told her not to look. She found bolt of the same hedgehog fabric still on a shelf and she got so excited about it that she just about cried. (She’s a bit over-emotional, on the whole.) I think I made the right choice. But for real, look at it!


It’s adorable.


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1 Response to Quilt Time

  1. Oh wow, what awesome prints! The owls! And the camping!

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