One Down, Thirteen to Go!


I finished my Barley hat! (Modeled here by my lovely girlfriend.)


This pattern is so, so easy. And it’s super well explained and all around really good.


I’m really not sure how I feel about the pooling on this hat. Tho it does look better when I’m not leaning in real close to it, I will admit. This yarn is a single ply (mostly) worsted weight yarn from a dyer local to Wyoming somewhere that Lily’s sister picked up for me! I really like the pink and blue, but I honestly got a bit sick of pulling tiny bits of what I assume to be hay out of the yarn. (Tiny spiky plant matter. I think hay or grass makes the most sense?) The yarn is “Single Ply Worsted” from Lucy’s Sheep Camp. And again, the pattern is Barley.


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1 Response to One Down, Thirteen to Go!

  1. meluvsquki says:

    I think the colors look really cool pooled together! You did an awesome job.

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