Adventures in Hat

I’ve been working on a hat for the last week (and a half)! It’s mostly rib, the interesting bit doesn’t come in until the crown shaping. I am quite possibly the worst person on the planet at just sitting and knitting rib. To combat this, I decided to give a gradient pattern a try!


Which I actually think came out really well, despite the bad lighting in that picture.

So I get to about two inches past the point seen above when I realize . . . I’ve been doing the wrong rib pattern. For seven inches. I’ve been knitting k4 p1 k2 p2 k2 p1, when I’m supposed to have been knitting . . . k4 p1 k6 p1. Way easier. And of course, the k6’s go straight into the decrease pattern, which is the coolest part about this pattern.

So I ripped it.


I was careful to keep my stripes well labeled, so I could use the same yarn over again. It’s going better now:


Ugh. I think the worst part is that I have knit this pattern before. In this size, even. I knew this was coming! I just didn’t bother to read the pattern very closely at all!

At least I made myself some very ugly but very delicious peanut chicken for tonight’s dinner!


Hat pattern: Rib-A-Roni
Peanut Chicken recipe: Budget Byte’s Chicken in Peanut Sauce. (It’s my go-to, though I don’t have any Sriracha so I didn’t use that this time. Also I’m a baby so I don’t mind omitting it.) (Also her photos are prettier than mine and make it look much more appetizing.)


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1 Response to Adventures in Hat

  1. Julie M says:

    Nice pattern! The best knitters are the best “ribbers” er, uh . . rippers, I mean. Onward.

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