So I’m feeling a little guilty. After I decided that I wanted to clean up my WIPs . . . I didn’t. Not only have I only finished one thing so far this year, I’ve started several more. So here’s a blurb about each and every one of them. For posterity or something!

Polaris Mittens:
Started June 1 2014, more than half done.
Polaris Mittens
I’m mostly pleased with how these are coming along, but they were originally a gift for Lily’s sister. But when some family drama went down, she seemed to ally with the “other side,” I would say, making it clear that she was not the sort of person I wanted to knit for. She might be coming around (here’s hoping!), so maybe these will get to her some time.

Leetle Bloo Gloves
Started September 16, 2011. Halfway done, but I need to rip and redo the thumb.

I like these a lot, and I love the yarn, but the idea of ripping the thumb is making me be such a baby about it. To be fair, when I was first working on them that was probably beyond me. But now it’d be easy peasey. Just gotta get around to doing it!

Starbuck’s Mandala Socks
Started May 25, 2012. Just the cuffs done so far.
I want these so badly! The yarn is soft, the pattern is mostly easy, but the cables! Oh the cables. They are tedious. Too fussy to watch TV, to easy to not.

Started January 30, 2014. First cuff done; about 25% along.
These are so incredibly beautiful, I’m really worried that they won’t fit me. I’m worried about the cuffs and my stupid whale legs, and I just really want them to be mine!

Winter Twilight Mitts
Started March 1 2014. Halfway done.
This picture is actually a touch old. I love these, and my sister is so excited for them. I guess I’m worried that the hype will make her let down when she actually gets them? Which is silly, since she’s actually a fantastic knitted gift-receiver.

It’s Bigger on the Inside?
Started June 28, 2014. About 70% done.
This was meant to be a two week project at most. But then it ended up being fussier than I wanted it to be, and then it was more boring than I wanted it to be. It’ll be worth it when it’s done, but it’s just getting it there… My goal is to wear this to CON this July.

TARDIS Mittens
Started December 13, 2014. About 20% done.
These are super cute, and actually really simple. (Seriously, I can’t recommend this pattern maker enough! Spilly Jane Knits is great!) But once the Christmas deadline passed, I put them on hold, knowing that my sister would understand even though I feel bad.

Blanket for Jezayah’s Baby
Started January 15, 2015. About 15% done.
My coworker is having a baby in April! This is actually a high priority project, but I have a mailing address for her just in case. (We work in a restaurant; she might not come back after she has the baby.)

Yub Nub Flub Flub
Started January 19, 2015. About 95% completed.
This is an incredibly easy pattern, but this project has given me no end of trouble. I ran out of the main yarn, and now I’ve lost the yarn I’m using for the ears. I don’t want to have to go out to get more, but I will if I have to. Ugh!

Time Traveler Socks
Started February 1, 2015. About 25% done.
Nice and cozy, these socks are super easy. I’m just nervous about making them too short for my foot like the last pair of toe-up socks I did, so I’m stalling.

Obnoxiously Orange Baby Shrug
Started March 7, 2015. About 35% done.
I just wanted a quick, easy thing to spit out for Nerd Wars. I’m not sure how big this will be, but I might try to get it to my niece? Who knows.

Mittens with Pints On
Started June 12, 2014. 98% done.
This knitting is all done. There are just so many freaking ends!

Granny Square Rainbow
Started March 2013. Around 75% done? Halfway through the blue.
This is a great mindless project, and I’m so excited about it. I try to do at least one edge each night, just to make sure I’m always making progress.

Companion Cube Blanket
Started October 1, 2012. About 15% done.
Ridiculous photo oh my girlfriend for scale. It’s huge. We lost this project for a year, because it was packed into storage on accident. There are so many squares left to make, and I need to buy so much more yarn! Ack! I’m going to make it a goal to make at least one square a week.

If You Wish to Make an Apple Pie from Scratch…
Started June 1, 2013. 20% done!
This is so beautiful and so nice, and I can’t wait for it to be done. It requires a lot of attention to make, but I can hardly express how excited I am for that day when I cast off and open it up!

Sooooo there it is. So many WIPs, so little time. Some I’m more excited about than others, but I’ll finish them all at some point. I’ll let you know how that’s going . . . soon. 😛


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