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Guess who’s the worst at posting? September 1, 2013

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You got it, it’s me.

T8 is now over. I went 14/15 (which made me SO ANGRY because I was SO CLOSE), and I didn’t finish my dissertation. Nor did I hit 50%, so I didn’t actually get any points for it. But I’m at about 20% now and I still love it. I just had to print out the rest of it, which took way longer than it had any right to.

I’ve been making more baby things! They’re super cute!


These are the socks I was talking about last time! They’re made with what is actually some of my absolute favorite yarn, and I got it in a swap and/so have no idea how to get more of it. Or even of the same brand. :( But these are super cute and I am excited for Baby to have them!

Also, here is my Star Shawl at around 15%:

Now that I look at it again, it might be as little as 10%. Isn’t it cool?! I can’t wait to get it all done.


Babies! June 25, 2013

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Working on baby things! Yay baby things!

First I made these wee little sockies:

They are so small I almost can’t believe it. They fit in the palm of my hand. And I have little hands!

Then I made something which will remain a secret for a couple more weeks. (It’s part of a set and I want to post the two of them together.)

But then I made a hat! It’s pretty cute. It was supposed to have a scarf attached to it, but I ran out of yarn and also got a little bit bored of the thing. I also didn’t like the gauge that it was knit at. Too tight for my liking. I’m thinking about making one in grey, though, since it looks like a little chain mail helmet!

I’m working on another pair of baby socks, too. They’re super cute. I’ll probably finish them tonight and then throw them in with the next “baby things” post. Because there will be another one. I’ll also post a super-shawl update soon.


Baby Hats June 1, 2013

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I have a hard time with hats. I can never get them to come out the way that I want them to. And that’s when they’re for my own head.

So it’s even more difficult when making hats for babies. They’re so little! And I don’t have any around to use for sizing! It’s been a while since I’ve seen a newborn.

I did find this article about sizing baby hats, though. So now I’m hanging out with a cottage cheese container next to me on the table and John is looking at me like I’m crazy.


Whoops May 29, 2013

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I decided that WordPress was super complicated and I didn’t want to learn to use it.

Nerd Wars T8 starts on Saturday! I am very excited (FTR, last time I posted was T4, I believe.) I’ve got all of my yarn ready for my dissertation. I’m going to be making Celestarium, which is this beautiful circular shawl that, when completed, makes a star chart.

So there’s that.

Also, John’s older sister Linnea is pregnant! Which is so exciting! This also means that I get to knit tons and tons of baby stuff! Aaaaah!
Yes, I am a mature adult. Or something.
But I got a bunch of yarn from KnitPicks last week. It was actually packaged in a really janktastic way; I wish I got a picture. Everything was kind of stuffed in there. I get the feeling that whoever packaged my stuff really didn’t want to move up to a bigger box, haha.
Anyway, for the baby stuff, I’ve got a few patterns picked out: These super cute dinosaur booties, with a matching dinosaur hat, duck feet, a pair of wee Totoro mittens, and a sweater in MN Twins Colors. I mean, I’m making more than that, but these are my first-in-line-priorities.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Hopefully I will post on Saturday about the Nerd Wars challenges. :D


Runner’s Lanyard February 1, 2012

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I finished my first Nerd Wars project of T4! The first project for my team, actually:

It’s long enough that I can tuck it into my shirt and short enough to not be super annoying. It’s bright red, so I can tie it in with Mirror’s Edge for team spirit points. …Er, I think they’re called “Team Tie-In Points” now.


Puffs! January 30, 2012

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Yes, I too am a knitter of puffs.

These are almost all of the ones I have so far, minus one. It’s a bit smaller than the rest of them, though, and it would have made the layout less nice. Also sorry for the shoddy picture. One day I will get a nice camera. Until then, you will get mostly iPod photos. :/

But yes, puffs! I really like the pattern. They’re cute and simple and fun to throw at people. All of mine end up looking kind of lumpy and lopsided, but I still like them.

I have been knitting puffs to distract myself from waiting for Nerd Wars! We get new challenges for Tournament Four tomorrow night at 11 PM my time. I am so excited! Team 1-Up forever!


Welcome! January 29, 2012

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So, uh, this is my blog! Allow me to introduce myself, I suppose.
My name is Bekka. I don’t really expect you to remember it, though. :) I’m a 22 year old would-be college student from Minnesota. I like to knit, crochet and sew, which is what this blog is about, but I also like to play and watch video games, draw, watch television (though rarely while it’s actually on the television), run, and cook/bake delicious things.

You will probably get to know me fairly well as this blog grows. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. Er, in my fingers? Somehow that just doesn’t sound as good.


(That’s me. Partly to see if I can get photos to work properly, partly to show what I look like. It’s filtered and a bit washed out, but it’s the only recent photo I have that isn’t warped from Photo Booth. Because I am apparently a five year old and I still think it’s way funny.)



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